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Platinum Series Work Force Insole for All Day Comfort and Relief from Spinal Pain

Platinum Series Work Force Insole for All Day Comfort and Relief from Spinal Pain

Specially designed to relieve Stress from Spine, Knees, Ankles and Foot
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Never underestimate the importance of good foot posture. Key to relieving stress on the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back, foot posture ensures all-day comfort and support. Enjoy all of the above with a heavy-duty insole designed for use in physically demanding jobs.
  • Moulded Nyloflex Shell for foot stabilisation
  • No need to overspend on costly custom orthotics
  • Dense ultra-bond foam for a more custom fit
  • Optimal stress relief for the knees, ankles, spine, and feet
  • Odour-inhibiting technology via a powerful anti-bacterial top cover
If you spent most or all of the day on your feet, normal shoes and insoles won’t cut it. You need a heavy-duty shoe insert that promises uncompromised comfort all day long, especially when you have to stand for prolonged periods of time. A deep heel cup offers proven arch support, while helping your feet anchor properly and ensuring more even weight distribution for hours on end. The insole features a comfortable build and stylish design that’ll have you wondering how you ever made it through the day before. Unsure? Check out real reviews from our real customers who put the Neat Feat Work Force insole to the test, and are glad they did. This unique work force insole is available for worldwide shipping, so add it to your cart today! Live in Australia or New Zealand? Order online OR find us at your nearest pharmacy today!
US Female UK Female US Male UK Male Work Force Insole Size
5-7 4-6 4-6 3-5 Small
8-11 7-10 7-9 6-8 Medium
12+ 11+ 10-12  9-11 Large
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Customer Reviews

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Worth their weight in gold. These provide comfort and stability all day in my workboots while supporting my feet and reducing knee discomfort. Very happy

Thanks for the stars marmiteyone!!