Neat 3B

A line of products specially designed to protect you from excessive sweating in the most important parts of your body, giving you the freedom and security that only a product of excellent quality can guarantee. Live free from chafing and sweating with Neat 3B.


Nature can play a big part in providing simple solutions to common problems and there are very effective remedies to many conditions that do not require pharmaceutical drugs but can be treated via natural alternatives. Based on herbal medicine and aromatherapy the Neat Feat Natural range offers peace of mind for customers who are increasingly conscious of choosing natural...


The name Zori is derived from a type of traditional Japanese footwear. Neat Feat's modern sport version is "Neat Zori", and Neat Zori is the most comfortable, convenient and stylish footwear you will own. You will never want to take them off! The Zori range can be worn to the beach, to the mall, anywhere you want to go you...


Most of us take advantage of pain-free living. Something as simple as walking easily is often taken for granted. With the Gel-tech range say goodbye to painful feet and toes. In this range you will find a variety of solutions to your problems.


Our new line of hand cleansing and sanitising products are formulated to annihilate germs, bacteria, dirt, grime, and viruses. This potent yet gentle formulation makes it easy to show loved ones (and strangers) how much you care, with the clean, germ-free hands to prove it.