What makes your heel balm better than others on the market or are they all the same?
No heel balms are definitely not all the same. Some heel balms are water based which will make them easier to apply but unfortunately doesn’t make for a good heel balm. When selecting a heel balm look at the ingredients and avoid purchase if they are water (aqua) based. A truly effective heel balm is one that is oil based and is more of an ointment. This means that once applied it stays over the affected area, and rehydrates the skin and repairs the cracks or fissures. A water based heel balm dissipates too quickly over the affected area and doesn’t give enough time for the ingredients to work over the affected area. The second important aspect about a good heel balm is the urea content, this can not be underestimated as it is the urea that rehydrates the damaged skin, and provides a chance for skin surfaces to mend. The Neat Feat Heel Balm has one of the highest level of urea in the product and that is why it has become such a popular consumer choice – it really does work.
Can I use 3B if I am pregnant? 
You certainly can. This product was developed by Doctors, as a simple safe toiletry to be applied daily where skin surfaces rub together.
Will 3B cause an allergy or rash in sensitive areas?
If you have a truly inflamed area we do not recommend that you use 3B. However where there is mild rash infection or rash this product can be applied. It has three properties, in the level of active it is an antifungal, the emollient base lubricates skin surfaces and prevents irritation and the third property is that it is an antiperspirant, so it forms a protein layer over the skin and prevents sweating or perspiration which is the root cause to sweat rash, chafing and infection. Back to your question 99% of skin allergies caused from skin cosmetics or toiletries are a result of fragrances, 3B doesn’t have a fragrance added so the chances of an irritation to the product are very slim.
I have recently had some surgery on my feet, as a result they are tender, which products would you suggest? 
One of New Zealand’s leading Orthopaedic surgeons has been very impressed by our Neat Feat Gel ¾. It is a polymer gel that will cushion impact and assist with comfort where inflammation has occurred.They are particularly good for women that have arthritis of the foot, and reasonably priced.
My toe has curled right, do you have anything to straighten toes? 
We have gel toe spreaders and gel toe separators. If it is the big toe that has bent then place a toe spreader between the big toe and the next toe it will help realign it, and if the foot gets knocked, the pain won’t go through the big toe as the gel absorbs any knocks. The gel separator is a similar product but smaller in size is designed to be placed between any of the smaller toes which have become bent or curled.
I suffer from inflammation of the heel, do you have anything to relieve this? 
First you need to establish whether the inflammation is at the foot of the heel in which case the problem could be a spur (a buildup of calcium at the base of the heel that depresses against a nerve ending and causes much pain) in which case we would recommend out Neat Feat Heel Spurs, these products provide padding over the spur and cushion the impact giving a chance for the inflammation to reduce. Alternatively tendonitis (inflammation of the large tendon at the back of the leg that inserts into the heel) this condition usually caused through high impact activities. For this type of injury the load is transferred forward and this lessens the pressure on the back of the heel and reduces inflammation.