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Neat Foot Pumice Stone Foot Scrub

Neat Foot Pumice Stone Foot Scrub

Neat Feat Foot Pumice Stone can be used to remove hard dry skin and roughened skin. Use after bathing on elbows, knees, soles and heels of feet
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Northern New Zealand is historically cherished for its iron sand reserves, used for centuries to wash away dry skin, toxins, and impurities. Today, Neat Feat’s Pumice is built by experts to soften and remove dry, hard skin after bathing. The perfect way to wind down after a hard day’s work.
  • Designed for use on the knees, elbows, and the soles and heels of the feet
  • A dry-skin remedy as old as time
  • The perfect bath time companion
  • Use AM and PM for the best results
  • Use in unison with Neat Feat’s Foot and Leg Moisturizer for soft, supple skin
Keeping your feet happy and healthy doesn’t have to be mission impossible. This heavy-duty yet gentle-on-the-skin pumice stone is lovingly made using NZ’s cherished iron sand reserves. Gently rub dry, cracked areas of the skin to soften, lift, and remove built-up skin deposits. Be sure to use a rich cream afterwards to combat friction and encourage deep skin rehydration and moisture replenishment. Click here to see what our happiest customers love most about this powerful pumice stone. Like what you see? Add it to your cart today - avoid disappointment by doing it now while stocks last. Going to your local pharmacy soon? Find us in the shower and bath department. Worldwide shipping available!
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Customer Reviews

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Savior for those who love bare feet

I work in ECE and am outside in bare feet for most of summer. My feet take a hammering as a result so this pumice stone has been a life saver (or should I say foot saver) for me. My heels always get a build up of thick, dry skin that if left untreated, will crack. I use this pumice stone at the end of my shower and it does a great job of sloughing away all traces. I've yet to use it on my body but I feel it'll be too rough for that. I'm keen to use it alongside the other recommended Meat Feet Products.

I am glad to hear the pumice stone has been a lifesaver for your feet during summer outdoor work. It effectively removes thick, dry skin from your heels. It is perfect for feet. Pairing it with other Neat Feat products could enhance your foot care routine. Thank you for feedback.